The Larger Vision

It's more than just buildings...

Is your city a Now City?

Is your city sustainable, resilient, healthy, and happy? If not, why not? The technology and knowledge exists already to make it happen. What’s the hold up?

Dear future Now Citizen,

Hi and thank you, in advance, for your curiosity and open- mindedness!

My intention for Now City is that it helps make the world a better place. Quickly. Better. Not just for humanity, but for all the varied organisms that share this planet.

Over seven billion people call Earth home, and for more than a decade, I have been thinking about the potentially exponential power of collective humanity. The key is to unite, knowing that together we can overcome any challenge. E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One).

Now is the time to imagine and design new ways of existing, and to make it so compelling that others will join in the effort to reshape how humans interact and exist on earth.

Fear has been a deterrent that prevents us from coming together as a cohesive community. Our fear of others is neither relevant nor serves us. Now is the time to see past color, race and creed and embrace each other.

Part of our concerns are created by a perceived scarcity of basic needs, caused not by an actual shortage, but by a failure to manage our resources effectively. This is not to suggest that there are not those who experience real scarcity, hardship and suffering, but that there is plenty to go around, even for the ten billion that are predicted to live here by the end of the century.

I believe a shift in values, aided by technology, will displace the outdated notions that fuel fear. The reason has to do with digital connectivity, our access to data, and to the tools that make sense of this data. We can learn and share what works and what factors make people, communities, and ecosystems thrive or fail. Now is the time.

In my loftiest notions, I envision Now City as a purpose and values driven community, a virtual nation that supersedes borders. A place where structures, organizations, communities, and systems align with values that promote a deeper connection with each other and the world around us. It is my belief that down this path lies the healing of humanity and the planet.

I envision an operating system for communities that is constantly evolving through design thinking, agile and lean production and by implementing cutting edge technology and solutions that continue to enter the market. Many existing urban operating systems are outdated, like software from 30 years ago, or worse. We can do better and now is the time. Collectively, we can aim to constantly improve the well being of people and both the local and global communities of people, animals, plants and whole ecosystems.

Existing urban centers are making progress. New cities are being built. Let’s make them all Now Cities, starting with setting some goals and measuring success against those objectives.

If Now City sounds good to you, you are already a Now Citizen. If you feel moved to participate in the collective vision, visit the Now City Online community where you can join others in discovering and contributing information that will drive this project. The synergy created by the sharing of creativity and enthusiasm is what will make this happen.

We have a growing database of resources that you may use to get your own projects going. Please feel free to submit things that you feel belong in this database.

Now City is where I REALLY want to live. A place filled with spaces and systems designed for the well-being of all, defined by sustainable living, alternative energy, local food, carbon-neutrality, continuous learning, and an abundance of nature. A place where we may all coexist harmoniously with not only each other, but with all the other living organisms of the world.

Stay in touch and get updates about how you can participate in this process as Now City evolves.

Thank you for taking the time to consider Now City and for bringing your creativity and optimism to a new and better future.

Yours truly,

Erik Gillberg Founder – Now City

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